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7 Awesome Recreational Activities to Try Once in Your Life

by Amber Mapes

Looking to do something fresh and exciting? You’ve come to the right place.

These days, everyday life can easily become mundane. But there’s no better way to get out of your comfort zone than by trying something new. And recreational activities are a great place to start.

But what are the best recreational activities to try? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Surfing 

Surfing is a great way to get in touch with nature and connect with the flow of the ocean.

It’s also a full-body workout that helps improve balance and coordination. But don’t worry if you fall off the board a few times, it happens to everyone! Try to look at it as a way to practice perseverance. And when you do finally get up and ride that wave, you’ll feel pretty accomplished.

Surfing can also be a great family bonding activity if you’re on a tropical vacation. It’s fun for any age!

And if you’re lucky, you might even make some fish friends along the way.

  1. Hang Gliding 

Hang gliding is for the thrill-seekers and those who’ve always wanted to be able to fly.

There’s no better way to see the world than from a birds-eye view. It brings a sense of freedom and allows you to explore areas you otherwise wouldn’t.

It’s also important to note that there is some training required before this activity and you’ll likely be going with a skilled hang gliding instructor for your first time.

But for those who want the rush without all the hassle, there’s a ride in Las Vegas that combines hang gliding with a roller coaster!

  1. Horseback Riding 

Calling all animal lovers!

This recreational activity can be a great way to get outside and potentially see some views depending on where you ride. While you won’t be doing any jumps or galloping your first few times, it’s still tremendously fun.

Hopping on a big animal can be a little intimidating at first, but you’ll eventually get to know and love the horse you’re riding. Horses are also social animals, so being around them can help reduce stress and anxiety.

It also has lots of physical health benefits like improving balance, posture, and strength in the leg and core muscles. So don’t be alarmed if you’re a little sore the next day, it’s all part of the experience!

  1. Kayaking and Canoeing 

Getting out on the water can be super calming and a good way to disconnect from the internet for a few hours.

But if you’re looking for it to be a little more fast-paced, you can try white water kayaking as well. That will be sure to give you the heart-pounding excitement you’re looking for.

But no matter the pace you go at, it’s a great aerobic exercise that can help build upper body and core strength. And if you’re recovering from an injury, this is highly recommended as it’s low-impact.

This activity can also be done solo or with friends, and if you want to make a full day of it, bring lunch and a fishing rod aboard!

  1. Skiing 

Skiing is a favorite among many and something you should try at least once.

It’s not only a blast, but it’s also an intense form of exercise that burns lots of calories and helps improve muscle strength.

If you live in a colder area year-round, this is a great way to bring some life back into the dead of winter. Bring the family up to a ski resort for a long weekend and have a little vacation!

And while you may have to start on the bunny hill if you’re a first-timer, just have fun with it. No matter your skill level, it’s always enjoyable to feel the wind on your face and the snow beneath your skis.

And if you’re looking for an extra challenge, try snowboarding!

  1. Bungee Jumping 

This activity is not for the faint of heart. But it is for the adrenaline junkies.

You’ll never feel more alive than the moment you’re plummeting towards the earth. And if you have a fear of heights, there’s no better way to get over it! This will be sure to catapult you out of your comfort zone.

Bungee jumping can also give you the confidence to conquer anything else you’re scared to try. And at the very least, it’s a truly unforgettable experience.

Also, it’s pretty cool just to say you did it. Go ahead and check it off your bucket list!

  1. Hiking 

There’s nothing quite like the view at the top of a mountain you just hiked.

Hiking is a great form of exercise and another way to get back out into nature. It’s also easily accessible in most areas and you don’t need much equipment. Find a hiking trail, wear some sneakers, drink a little water, and have a positive attitude!

This activity can reduce stress and is a good way to take a step back from the pressures of everyday life. It can also give you a sense of pride and accomplishment when you reach the top. And when you’re standing there, take a moment to breathe it all in.

Go Try Some Recreational Activities 

Try your favorite from this list, or give all of these fun recreational activities a go! You’ll never regret getting out of your comfort zone. And who knows, you might even find a new passion for life.

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