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Are gel blasters legal in Australia?

by Bethany Beckwith

Ever since gel blasters have been introduced to the Australian market, they have become extremely effective and popular. The gel blasters are usually manufactured overseas, and these play an important role in expelling non-toxic gel balls. 

The non-toxic gel balls are made using water. These are nerfed toys and can be used mostly for recreational and entertainment purposes. Over the years, gel blasters have become extremely popular. Nonetheless, there is a lot of controversy surrounding its legality. 

Are gel blasters legal in QLD?

Gel blasters are completely legal in Queensland. Whether you have a permit or license or not, you can always opt for gel blasters. Although there is no requirement for a permit, it is always advisable that the owners are careful with the gel blaster usage. 

Queensland gel blaster owners need to follow a safety framework. However, you can also enjoy a wide range of toys. Different gel blaster retailers ensure sports and hobbies for growing, and Queenslanders need to opt for proper expectations. 

However, if you own gel blasters in Queensland, you need to ensure that you come up with a proper excuse. You can, however, become a part of any gel blaster club. 

Are gel blasters legal in VIC?

This is one of the most complex questions you need to be familiar with. If any item like a gel blaster is considered a toy, it will be treated in the same manner. However, if you don’t have a license, you may have some problems. 

Many people often confuse gel blaster toys to be mistaken as genuine guns. As per Victorian law, it may also be identified as an imitation firearm. Therefore, you need to opt for the standard regulations. 

Nonetheless, there is no requirement for a license to have an imitation firearm. These gel blasters have a very genuine look. For this reason, the legality of gel blasters is very debatable. 

Are gel blasters in New South Wales?

It is advisable to have a proper permit and license to effectively impact. Furthermore, if you buy a gel blaster toy, it is advisable to get a license. Gel blasters are prohibited because of military-style firearms. 

It is identified in the Category A firearm. Furthermore, the gel blaster toys are identified as air guns within the state. Therefore, these gel balls are considered to be a type of ammunition. You need to have a proper firearm license to get a gel blaster. 

However, when gel blasters become legal in NSW is still a debatable question. For the time being, you need to apply for proper permits, and it is necessary that you get additional information about the same. 

Are gel blasters legal in NT and Adelaide?

Similar to NSW, gel blasters are considered to be illegal in NT. Therefore, no matter what type of gel blasters you use, these will be considered illegal. In the Northern Territory, you need to be very fearful about using gel blasters. In Adelaide, gel blasters are considered to be imitation firearms. 

If you want to get gel blasters, you need to contact Tactical Edge Hobbies for gel blasters in Adelaide. Nonetheless, make sure to be familiar with the particular state’s laws. 

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