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Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

by Clare Louise

It is very simple to achieve hygiene in any area you want with Touch Australia hand and surface disinfectant. It also provides the sale of side apparatus such as manual or automatic sanitiser dispenser and liquid soap dispenser specially designed for using disinfectants. Whether you prefer an automatic spray soap dispenser or a manual soap dispenser, there are solutions available. Every time you are in crowded environments, you should be more sensitive to cleaning, and disinfectant should be used in every area where water and soap are not used together. For this, we provide solutions with Touch Australia. You can find the products of this company everywhere.

You come across Touch Australia products in almost every moment of our lives in offices, airports, hospitals, all health institutions, restaurants-cafes, gyms, all common toilets, shopping malls. Touch Australia manual or Automatic disinfectant dispensers can be carried.

It can be easily mounted wherever you want. Since the apparatuses are polite and small, they are suitable for any environment. All the apparatuses have a detachable and attachable structure. It is easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher. The purpose of the Touch Australia automatic sanitiser dispenser is to be able to use the hands without touching the disinfectant apparatus.

As soon as it sees the hands with the sensors inside the dispenser, it provides the disinfectant process by spraying the disinfectant at the rate you set at the time of installation. You can view all the Touch Australia products on the website. Product details and usage patterns are given in detail. It gives the right to order in the desired quantity. They ship to the address you want. It is also possible to pay with your credit card or by choosing one of the payment methods at the door. The products are delivered and forwarded with an invoice.


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