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Basketball shoes: how to choose the perfect design for guards

by Clare Louise

Before choosing your Basketball Shoes for Guards, you need to see what style of play it is best for. If the game is to be played on a closed court, the shoe needs to be lighter, have a thinner sole and be very flexible. That way it doesn’t stick to the vinyl and doesn’t slide. For those who are going to play on the open court (the cement one or on the street), the tip is to choose the street model. This basketball shoe has a thicker sole and is harder and more resistant to impact with concrete. Besides, it has cushioning in the front and back and is also more reinforced in the front to prevent falls and accidents.

Short barrel or long barrel

The choice will depend on the type of game you play. For those who play in the guard position, need to have more speed on the court and control of movements. The Shoes for Guards that give this freedom and flexibility come with cushioning in the front and back. Now, if you play as a winger, the best thing is to have more balance and with a medium or high barrel, to protect your heels from the marking of opponent players. Also invest in good cushioning, especially in the middle and in the front to provide stability.

And if your position is like a pivot, which requires a lot of running, jumping and dribbling, the ideal is to have a medium or high-top sneaker. It should protect the heels and come with maximum cushioning in the middle and the front. Thus, it will improve your momentum when jumping and prevent you from having joint injuries.

General recommendations for choosing

To make sure the shoe has the proper length, press your finger between the big toe and the toe of the shoe. If there is a gap approximately the size of a fingernail, that pair is your size. When you find yourself in the store trying on your shoes, try walking and even running around in them. This will allow you to determine if they are the right width and if they cause any discomfort when moving. But when buying online you should determine the right size and order best quality shoe. If you can, go to specialized sports stores for full advice and advice on the type of shoe that is right for you.

Wear specifically basketball socks

Because these provide greater protection in areas where there is greater friction. Believe it or not they make a big difference. Avoid wearing shoes that are too worn. This can cause injuries and discomfort when playing. So we advise you to leave those old shoes that you used to practice only for everyday activities. Remember that the color and aesthetics of the shoes is a secondary factor. Think functionality first.

If you follow our advice, buying a new pair of basketball shoes will be very easy. Compare the model, design and price. Don’t buy cheap shoes online. Buy genuine product only.

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