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Betting on the Euro 2020 Online

by Amber Mapes

Euro 2020 was set to kick off last summer but due to the global pandemic, it was postponed until this summer 2021. The tournament retains the name Euro 2020 even though it has been played in 2021.

There are twenty-four teams in this year’s tournament competing to take the cup home. The round of 16 has already started and the betting industry is offering the best odds, with the cup proving to be exciting for both new and experienced bettors.

An exciting online betting opportunity 

You don’t need to go to Europe to bet for Euro 2020 online because you can bet from any location globally on your smartphone or computer if the laws in your state or country allow. For example, online gamblers in Pennsylvania, US will have the opportunity to use a pa sports betting app and place their bets.

New bettors have a chance to enjoy free bets and get better offers than usual. Many betting sites are looking forward to getting a surge of new customers and more gamblers placing more money in their bets.

Best betting favorites for Euro 2020

With twenty-four teams to bet on, you might be confused about which team is likely to win and which one is likely to lose. Many betting sites are looking at the World Cup winners in the past and on top of the list is France. England is also on the list not because they are World Cup winners but because they are the hosts.

Belgium follows, then there is Germany, and Spain, too, is on the hot-favorite list. Other teams in the top list of leading online football betting sites are Netherlands and Portugal. Online gamblers are free to bet on any odds but generally, the number of football scores will determine which team will take the Euro 2020 cup home.

Guide to betting on Euro 2020

You are not limited to betting on final results only for the Euro 2020, but there are many other options you can bet on. You can bet live as the action goes on from the round of 16 just before the quarterfinals and then the semis and the ultimate final match.

Other opportunities to trade on will be to bet on match results, bet on scores, goals, half-time, full-time, team players, who will score most, passes, and so on. Each online betting site might give different odds but you need to study the odds before placing your bet. What you will be sure about is that the final game will attract the largest number of bets.

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