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Bicycle safety rules for your kids:

by Amber Mapes

The diameter of their wheels designs kids bicycle. When you are purchasing a kids bicycle, you should check for your child’s safety first. Buying the perfect kids bicycle for your children will increase the safety of your child. So you need to follow some safety measures for your children. To measure the toddler for a bicycle, your children’s actual height should be measured first. Here are a few bicycle safety rules for your kids.

Find the right height:

Helmets and kids bicycle comes in different sizes and shapes. If you choose the bicycle’s perfect size for your kid, it will be safer and comfortable. Please measure your child’s height before you get them the new one. Ensure your children’s leg should touch the ground without bending, and it will help them adjust their cycle in the turns.

Bicycle helmet:

Before buying the helmet for your child, you should measure your child’s head all the way around. Find the helmet that is closest to your child’s head size and give it a try. The sizes will include:

  • XXXXS: 18 inches
  • XXS      : 18.5 inches
  • Size 6: 19 inches
  • Size 7: 22 inches
  • Size 8: 25 inches.

Check the brakes:

  • Before your child gets on his bicycle, perform a visual inspection of the brakes to ensure all the components are in good condition.
  • The brake pads should make clear contact with the disc brakes when the handlebar levers are squeezed.
  • Once you visualize everything, and then have your child walk their bicycle and squeeze the brake levers to make sure they are working with the wheel movement.
  • If the brakes are very tight to handle, then take your child’s bicycle to the professional to adjust and inspect.

Bike frame:

Choosing the perfect bike frame according to your child’s height will increase more safety. A good fit will make your kid place both feet on the ground while sitting in the seat. If you are looking for a new bicycle, then fix the seat on the lowest setting. As your child grows, you can raise the seat until they outgrow to use cycle for men completely.

Be visible:

Make sure that your child is visible for the entire ride. For your child safety, dress them in bright colours and reflective clothing to be visible easier for others. Use this method, especially if you are teaching your kids to start the ride. Your kid’s bicycle must be equipped with reflectors already. If they are not there, then get some reflectors from your local store and fix them. You can even stick some extra reflectors on your kid’s helmet and the clothing.

Consider the bicycle seat:

You can use the bicycle passenger seat for your child’s safety. Check the age or the weight restriction from the passenger seat bicycle manufacturers. Choose the perfect seat, which is molded with leg support to protect your kid feet from the wheels. The seat should be the harness, and you should fit it securely each time from the place in the seat.

Bottom line:

As the parent, you should take care of your children, so provide them with the perfect kid’s bicycle to have a safe ride. Teach them all these safety measures while they start to ride.

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