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Choosing the right Goalie Gloves

by Amber Mapes

The gloves that goalkeepers wear help them catch the ball simultaneously making it less painful to do so. The palm of goalie gloves and the fingers are covered in foam that isn’t sticky per se, but doesn’t allow as much slippage as bare hands. Getting the latex damp helps the goalkeeper grip the ball and catch it instead of parrying. The bulk of thick latex and heavy material encompassing your hand is good for the crazy strong shots in outdoor soccer.

Gloves ensure that the keeper’s hands remain intact

When it is cold, it will pretty much hurt whenever you try to touch the ball. The padding the gloves add helps the goalkeeper alleviate some of that pain and keep their hands somewhat warm to maintain response. The velocity of the kicked ball is 30 meters per second, or 67 mph. Without gloves, a keeper’s hands would most likely be in pain after the span of one game. Many goalkeeper gloves have a plastic spine that runs along the backs of the fingers so that the keeper’s fingers can’t hyperextend which provides protection against finger sprains.

It is said that football and soccer are best experienced when played during rains. At times, the ball gets extremely slippery and usually attempts to emulate an eel out of water.  However, if the goalie has gloves, it will work just as well as if it was dry. The gloves that goalkeepers use are made with a special material that adds grip. This is very useful so that it is made easier to catch the ball and stop the ball.

Fly with these shoes

Nike’s Mercurial Superfly model is promoted by one of the greatest football stars of all-time, Cristiano Ronaldo. It has a fly knit style laces and carbon-fiber outsole. The collar around the ankle provides a good aerial control. The studs give good balance and will support acceleration probably designed for CR7.

The synthetic leather of the boot is water resistant, similar to other synthetic leathers, but has better ball feel and touch. Many of the features built into these shoes, were developed to assist players with receiving and distributing the ball, such as dampening pods on the forefoot, and asymmetrical lacing to increase the amount of contact with the ball.

You won’t feel the ground under your feet

The upper surface of mercurial vapor boots is made so that the boot can provide a level of support and touch to the players. The Mercurial Vapor has a texture on its boot upper which, according to the company enhances the touch and the control. The split soles and fly-knit uppers of these shoes provide a sharp touch on the ball for fast wingers. The shoes are built in a way which increases the level of friction, touch and control on the ball in wet and dry conditions.

The kind of shoes you wear depends upon your playing style, position and foot structure. If you are looking to purchase high-quality but affordable football and soccer equipments, Soccer Corner is the place for you. For more information visit their website.

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