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Florida Fishing Guide: Types of Fish to Catch

by Clare Louise


Did you know that Florida has more than 2,200 miles worth of tidal shoreline? It’s easy to see why fishing is a popular activity for both locals as well as visitors.

Saltwater fishing in Tampa can be just as thrilling as it sounds. Here are some examples of the fish you could catch:

1. Tarpon

The tarpon is a highly sought-after sportfish. Many refer to it as the “silver queen of sportfish”. It is also one of the state’s most popular fish.

2. Sailfish

The official state saltwater fish of Florida, the sailfish is found in tropical and subtropical waters. A big sailfish is a great way to get a good jump on the line.

3. Spotted sea trout

Spotted sea trout are found in bays and estuaries. They eat small baitfish and shrimp in shallow water. It’s also known as the speckled fish, and is a popular sportfish throughout Florida.

4. Grouper

There are many species, but the red and black grouper are the most sought-after by fisherman. These species are great for eating, and grouper can be fun to catch.

5. Mackerels

The Atlantic Ocean is home to both the Spanish and king mackerel, as well the Gulf of Mexico. This species is very popular with tournament fishermen as well as recreational anglers.

6. Snappers

Snappers are a different species than other species. They can be found in water depths of 60+ feet. Red snapper is the most popular species. It’s also one the most sought-after fish food in the waters off Florida’s coasts.

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