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Football Guidelines to Amateur Players

by David Chan

Are you looking for guidelines to understand the wonderful sport? Here are some of the beginner guide chickens who sit down and watch the game to understand the basics of football and see what is happening in the ground. Football is considered to be one of the best sports in the world. It has many fans for the game. Here are some of the guidelines mentioned below for the beginners

The pitch

It is important to have an idea of the regular football pitch. The football pitches are made of a circle in the centre and two penalty boxes at the end of the field. Keep in mind that not all the football pitches are the same in size but the length and the width might differ accordingly. The first step is to know what a football pitch looks like.

The players

There are 11 players on each team in a football match. Substitutes are placed on both sides of the side-lines in a match. There is no specific formation for the players in the field and typically it is something like 4-4-2 which denotes four defenders, two strikers, and four midfielders.

The basic rules

  • The ball is kicked from the centre spot at the beginning of each half after which the teams start to gain scores.
  • No players are allowed to be in the opposition half of when the kick-off takes place.
  • In case if any team has a foul situation, it can result in a free-kick for the other team or a penalty for your team.
  • If the attacking team kicks the ball that goes beyond the goal line, then it is considered to be a goal kick. If the defending team kicks behind the team’s own line, then the attackers will be rewarded with a corner kick.

Talking can be one of the greatest skills in playing football as taking away the ball from other players’ feet is the strategy that they are supposed to follow. Also, you can always update yourself about the latest football news to know more about the guidelines and more.

To put it in a nutshell, football is a very interesting game that can be played even by amateur players. The rules and regulations mentioned above can help you play the game.

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