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Four Key Points to Select the Horse Racing Winner 

by David Chan

A well-trained horse, right trainer, and top jockey are important for the upcoming Del Mar picks or more. Why are there only some handicappers who provide a relevant update and earn the admiration for the best horse racing betting tips? The reason is pretty simple; they take every aspect in their consideration and take the depth understanding of the past horse racing results of betting. 

If you feel interested in horse racing and willing to Del Mar Picks or bet in any other horse racing event, you should go through a reliable guide rather than focus on rightly picking the winner in horse racing. 

This write-up mainly focuses on the key points that should be followed to pick the horse racing winner. So, let us get started: 

Key Points to select the Horse racing winner:  

Analysing the best possible result before the racing begins is termed as handicapping. People follow their instinct from their past years of experience and deep understanding about horse racing. Going forth, we will understand some tips that would help for the best Del Mar picks

#1: Check track, post position and distance factors 

Ensure that horse has already been tested before as per the distance he or she has to run. A decent winning depends on the track distance. Also, grab the information that the horse is well aware of the track and already have the experience to run over it. It would help the horse to handle the turn, dirt, synthetic, etc. 

Check the horse racing position e.g., 3 or 4. This will help you to decide the exact distance the horse has to cover, and also it would help to let the horse practice before the final horserace.

#2: Starts and Layoff factors 

Around month daybreak for a racehorse is about right between races. Horses that have been off for more than three months may require a race to tighten up horses that have been off for more than 180 days rarely perform well. Whereas, a horse that has been laid off for more than one and a half months and runs, he or she may be tightened up perfectly for the next run.

Avoid selecting the horse for the Del Mar Picks that are over-raced, as the chances of winning are least. 

#3: Speed and workout

Analyse the speed of the horse in past racing events. If the speed factor has been impressive, that can be a sign that they are close to winning or required a little bit of training to pace up for the event. 

#4: Jockey and trainer

A trainer who has a winning record in the past usually win. Thus, relying on such a trainer would be a deal of benefits. A Jockey selects their own horse, as they understand the nature, style of running, physical stamina, etc. A few jockeys repeat their horserace with the same horse for years as they are the best fit. Thus, it is best to select a hot trainer and jockey that involved with your horse. 


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