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Fundamental Playground Safety Guidelines and Maintenance Issues

by Michael Orduna

The data stated below should participate a tenet to reduce injuries connected with trampoline game. However, it’s thought that these recommendations, coupled with technical information within the ASTM Standards for Public Playgrounds can lead to greater playground safety.

What exactly is a Public Playground?

An empty playground describes one should have been utilized by children ages 6 a few days through 12 years in commercial daycare facilities, institutions, multiple family dwellings, parks, restaurants, resorts and schools.

Information inside the following sentences:

General playground safety factors

Playground materials and surfacing

Identifying specific playground hazards and the ways to prevent them

Proper steps required to save a playground and its’ equipment

Using platforms, guardrails and protective barriers to reduce accidental falls

You will find 7 primary reasons you need to bear in mind when lounging your playground:

Convenience: The most effective material must allow convenience equipment for kids with disabilities.

Age Separation: Areas for several age groups must be separated getting a buffer zone. This zone may prevent injuries by kids of numerous activity levels encountering one another.

Age Bracket: Different playgrounds are structured for several age groups. The security needs differ with every single age bracket. Be conscious within the age bracket which is when using the playground and buy accordingly.

Conflicting Activities: The playground must be organized into sections to avoid injuries from overlapping activities. Ensure to place swings and merry-go-models toward most, side or side of the play area. Slides shouldn’t be placed in to a congested area.

Sight Lines: Visual barriers must be minimized to make certain that caregivers, parents or supervisors can monitor children when using the playground. Benches placed over the outdoors within the structure allow onlookers a place to sit down lower lower after they watch the kids.

Signs and/or Labeling: Signs must be given to own users guidance in regards to the age suitability within the equipment, furthermore to the easiest method to correctly make use of the equipment.

Supervision: Make sure the supervisor understands the fundamental safety guidelines within the equipment.

When selecting a web site for almost any playground, there is a couple of factors which are crucial that you consider:

Travel patterns from the playground: Which are the hazards in the manner? If that’s the problem, apparent the hazards.

Nearby convenience hazards (traffic, physiques water, steep hillsides, etc.): Could a young child unintentionally or intentionally encounter an in depth hazard? If that’s the problem, provide a method to contain children inside the playground (fence, hedge). Bear in mind that fencing or hedge should still allow observation by supervisors.

Exposure to the sun: Is suitable from sufficient enough to heat metal parts, slides, platforms, steps or surfacing enough to eliminate children? Will users be uncovered for that sun with the most intense area of the day? If that’s the problem, consider positioning choice the bare metal is shaded. Provide warnings the apparatus will most likely be hot within the sunlight. Consider shading the playground obtaining a shade structure.

Slope and drainage: Will loose fill material wash away while it’s raining? If that’s the problem, consider proper drainage to avoid wash outs.

When installing a playground, use equipment and hardware approved with the manufacturer. Refer to the manual Very carefully or make use of a playground installer. Ensure to keep all materials inside the manufacturer and begin a meticulous record of inspections and maintenance. Completely inspect the tools prior to the first use, such as the hardware.


Creosote-treated wood (railroad ties, telephone rods, etc) and coatings which have pesticides shouldn’t be utilized.

Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) will be a classic chemical which was acquainted with treat wood, including wooden playgrounds. Since 2001, laser facial treatment is not safe you can to corrode certain materials faster than these.

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