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Get Your Fantasy Cricket Skills On During The ICC World Cup

by Amber Mapes

It’s world cup time, which means it’s time to create T20 fantasy cricket teams and play the tournament alongside real cricket players.

The eighth edition of ICC Men’s T20 2022 World Cup is expected to be the biggest and finest, with 16 countries participating in 45 matches across seven Australian cities from October 16 to November 13.

A total of 16 teams will play in the ICC World Cup, whose list is available below.

Namibia, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Scotland, UAE, West Indies, Netherlands, Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, England, New Zealand, Australia, Afghanistan

The 16 teams contesting in the Global Qualifiers were split into two groups, Global Qualifier A and Global Qualifier B, each offering two spots in the T20 World Cup 2022.

Bahrain, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Nepal, Oman, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates made up Global Qualifier A. UAE won the competition by defeating Ireland in the championship match, and both of the tournament’s finalists received tickets to Australia for the World Cup.

Global Qualifier B was assigned to Hong Kong, Jersey, the Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, the United States, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. In the tournament’s championship match, Zimbabwe defeated the Netherlands, and both teams announced their participation in the World Cup in Australia.

The top twelve teams from the 2021 T20 World Cup directly qualified for the Australian tournament in 2022. According to the T20I rankings as of November 12, 2021, Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, India, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, and South Africa have qualified for the Super 12 of the T20 cricket World Cup 2022. Namibia, Scotland, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies were placed in the tournament’s Group Stage.

Now is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your cricket skills and knowledge through fantasy cricket.

How does fantasy cricket work, and what is it?

A sort of fantasy sport is fantasy cricket. In this virtual sport, where you are the cricket manager, you can assemble a team of 11 players. Based on their performance in live cricket matches, players are given points. It all comes down to having the proper knowledge and skills for playing cricket fantasy tournaments. You can only play to your full ability in this sport if you are familiar with the fundamentals. Your ability to understand cricket’s playing styles and players will determine your win. In these virtual sports, your abilities, knowledge, and strategic preparation will serve you well. Please consider the players’ individual and prior collective results when choosing your team.

Download the app and create an account. There you enter the contest of virtual cricket. You will be given a specific budgetary amount to work. Each player has a set value that, if added to your team, will be deducted from the budget that is now available. Before the match begins, you can change your team as much as you like, but after the contest has started, changes are not permitted. You will get points based on how well the real players perform. It involves, among other things, making runs, catching wickets, forcing run-outs, and maintaining a high strike rate. Whether or whether the match is yours will depend on the players you choose. So make sure you have all the information available to make a knowledgeable decision.


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