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How to Know It is Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Playground Equipment

by Bethany Beckwith

Every developing child requires outdoor play and exercise and they can make the most of their physical activity using playground equipment. But if playground equipment wears down and lacks the excitement it used to offer, it might be time to consider upgrading it. An upgrade using Inspire Play outdoor playgrounds equipment can encourage inclusion and safety as well as create a positive experience for children. 

Even if your existing commercial playground equipment is designed to withstand years of play, it can be subject to wear and tear. Over time, it may need to be repaired frequently and show signs of degradation. If you are still wondering whether or not to upgrade your playground, here are signs to watch out for:

The Playground Has Unequal Surfacing

Surfacing in playgrounds is an important element that usually gets overlooked. Unequal playground surfacing poses risks for anyone who uses the space. This problem often occurs with loose-fill playground surfacing such as engineered wood fibre, which gets moved around the playground or eliminated from the area by different forces such as windy weather and children playing. 

Playground Equipment Requires Frequent Repairs

As the equipment in your playground gets normal wear and tear, it may require frequent repairs, particularly on components that children use regularly. If you notice some pieces of equipment that require frequent repair, you may need to upgrade them rather than spend money on repairs. 

You Get Complaints and Concerns

You may have to upgrade your playground if you start getting complaints or concerns regarding the condition of your playground equipment. Whenever concerned parents, caregivers, or children notice damaged equipment or missing equipment parts, they will reach out to you. You should take such complaints seriously and have the equipment professionally inspected for areas of concern. 

The Equipment Has Aged

Although some equipment for playgrounds can last for decades, upgrading a playground must be done around every ten years. Doing preventive maintenance and damage repair will help your equipment last longer. But if your equipment is still in great shape although it is nearing the ten-year mark, you may want to upgrade it later. 

Your Playground Has Broken and Defective Equipment

Minor equipment breaks can get by with repairs but serious damage usually requires improvements. Regular playground inspections can help spot areas of concern before they lead to further damage or injury. 

Although it can be hard to determine when it is time to upgrade your playground equipment, the signs mentioned above will provide you with a better idea of the perfect time to do so. Ensure you get commercial playground equipment from a reputable supplier, so you get high-quality equipment that lasts a long time. 

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