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How to play online slots tournaments – Tips for winning prizes

by James Maxwell

Online slot tournaments are a fun and exciting way to play your favorite slot games while competing against other players for big prizes. In slot tournaments, players pay an entry fee to compete against each other for leaderboard rankings that offer cash prizes or free spins to top finishers. With the rise of online casinos, slot tournaments have become hugely popular.

How online slots tournaments work?

Online slot tournaments generally work by gathering a group of players who have all paid an entry fee. This entry fee goes towards the total prize pool. For example, a tournament might have a $10 entry fee and get 100 players entering. The tournament has a set start and end time. When players enter the tournament, they receive the same amount of tournament credits or spins. The amount usually ranges from 500 up to 2000 credits. Players then have the timed duration of the tournament to play their allotted credits across a selection of slot games.

These slot games were chosen especially for the tournament. The noname สล็อต often have higher volatility and potential payouts, to create more excitement during play. Players switch between the selected slots and bet any amount per spin, up to the max bet amount. As players wager their credits, they accumulate points based on their wins. Points are awarded differently, but bigger wins generally get more points. For example, a spin that pays out 10x your bet earns 10 points. Rankings are based on points earned in the tournament. Timed tournament winners will receive a prize pool share. Tournament payouts differ, but the top 10-20% of finishers typically receive prizes.

  • Speed – The faster you play through your credits, the more spins you complete and the points you can potentially earn.
  • Bet size – Higher bets tend to earn bigger wins and thus more points but eat through your credits faster.
  • Game choice – Some slots give higher payouts or features, which could help raise your points.

Tips for winning online slots tournaments

  • Pick slots with high payout potential – Some slots naturally have greater payout percentages and bonus features. Choosing volatile slots with frequent bonuses generates bigger wins that convert to more points on the leaderboard. Do your research beforehand on slots known for big payouts.
  • Manage your bankroll – Having self-control with your allotted credits is key. Don’t just max bet every spin or you could use up your credit balance too quickly. Try changing your bet sizes – fluctuating between smaller and larger bets optimize your bankroll.
  • Play faster slots – Slots with shorter spin lengths and bonus rounds will allow you to get more spins in per minute. It increases your chances of hitting wins within the tournament timeframe. Avoid slots with overly long animations or bonus features that take a while to complete.
  • Don’t get distracted – Since tournament time is limited, you must keep spinning as fast as possible. Avoid distractions and don’t worry too much about trying to trigger difficult bonus features. Concentrate on completing spins quickly to earn points.
  • Monitor the leaderboard – Monitor the tournament leaderboard and your rank as you play. It dictates whether you should adjust your betting strategy and risk level to climb the ranks. If you have a healthy lead, you reduce your bets to conserve credits.
  • Utilize free spins – Online slots often give out free spin bonuses. Save these for tournaments, as you can earn points without using your credits. But don’t waste time hunting for hard-to-land free spins.
  • Take advantage of multipliers – Some tournaments apply multipliers at certain times, such as 2x or 3x multipliers for 10 minutes. When these are active, raise your bets to maximize your potential wins and earnings during the limited time window.

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