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Learn how to play poker and other related games

by Michael Orduna

To play online poker games, it is necessary to know the poker games rules. 

Please keep reading to know them better and in more detail. 

Let us start with two essential tips. 

  • Bluff – bluffing your opponents can help you win a losing game. So, you need to learn how to bluff.
  • To have the most substantial hand at the table – having the highest-ranking hand is an assured win. All you need is a little luck with this. 

Next thing you need to know if you’re learning how to play poker game is the game stages.

  1. Blinds 
  2. Pre-flop 
  3. Flop 
  4. Turn
  5. River
  6. Showdown 

Some games with betting variants are as follows – 

  • Limit poker: 
  • Pot limit: 
  • No-limit: 

Listed below are all the possible actions you can attempt while learning how to play poker

  • Check 
  • Fold 
  • Raise 
  • Call 
  • Bet 


Here is the hierarchy of poker hands sequences you need to learn. 

  1. A Royal Flush 
  2. Straight Flush 
  3. Four of a kind 
  4. Full House 
  5. Flush 
  6. Straight 
  7. Three of a kind 
  8. Two Pair 
  9. One Pair 
  10. High Card 

After learning, you must be wondering where you can apply this knowledge to, right? 

Here are online poker games you can start playing after learning poker rules. 

1.Texas Hold’em: Texas Hold’em is one of the poker games you can’t miss out on and hence it is the first on our list. This game is easy to understand but takes a whole lot of time and patience to master. This game gets played with two hole cards (private cards) and five community cards which get dealt face up. 

2.Omaha – Okay now onto the second most beloved variant – Omaha. It is very similar to Texas Hold’em, but instead of two community cards you get in Texas game, you get four hole (private) cards and five community cards. 

3.Omaha Hi-Lo – It gets played between two to nine players at the max and a 52-cards deck.  All the players get dealt with four private hole cards and three community cards out of which they need to make the best five-card hand possible. This game has more than one winner, and the one with the highest-ranking cards and the one with the lowest ranking card hand wins. It is an exciting poker games variant you need to check out. 

4.Seven-card stud: One more exciting poker games variant is a seven-card stud. Unlike all other variants, this one gets played with seven cards instead of five. You need to check out this great variant and experience the thrill of it. 

5.Five-card Omaha – In this variant of online poker games, players get dealt with five private cards and five community cards. In 5-card Omaha, the player has to utilize the exact number of three community cards and two hole cards. It is an exciting variant you need to check out.

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