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Legal Successes of Chris Farnell

by Clare Louise

Chris Farnell happens to be a sports lawyer advising high profile people in sports world that includes leading Football League and Premier League Clubs, sports media agents and celebrities. Along with extensive experience related to UK High Court as well as County Court litigation, at IPS Law his team have widespread experience in the cases involving the hearings on Premier League, Arbitration Proceedings, Court of Arbitration for Sport along with the Employment Tribunals and Mediation hearings.

The Legal Consultations

The terms of the Manchester-based best media and sports firm IPS Law stays as the Intellectual Properties in Sport as is explained by the partner Chris Farnell, the very solicitor bringing together Fabio Capello and the FA at the time the later was searching for one fresh England manager. The main concern of IPS is football and among their clients is Cristiano Ronaldo, World Footballer of the Year. Farnell presently explains how complicated sponsorship issues and endorsement challenges can be when it comes to a high-profile player. It is seen that Farnell keeps a wallchart of various sponsors from different territories all around the globe to ensure nothing stays unchecked.

  • Chris Farnell happened to be a youth player at the Blackburn Rovers. Then he had a knee injury that put paid to the fledgling career he had. But he had continued up education and after he qualified in law, he found his former teammates reaching him for legal advice. ‘It does require specialist knowledge,’ as he maintains. ‘There are hundreds of lawyers who can do my job, but not who know how the industry works.’
  • Since then he had overturned ban from acquiring an English club that he said was the consequence of his failure in ticking a box checking that he was involved in proposed takeovers of the Charlton.
  • Alongside Elkashash, Farnell now can go ahead with bids to buy the Burnley, they are expected to make the total of £200m.

This lawyer has long history in the UK Sport, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Tyson Fury, Roberto Martinez and David Silva amongst his old clients. He also turned out as the director at the Wigan Athletic in the year 2013. There he had a perfect working for the Leeds United. Presently, Chris Farnell got involved in the talks over future of the Bury.

Last words:

Chris Farnell happens to be a senior partner at the IPS Law, providing the wisest legal advice. He is the best in his field.

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