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Major benefits of tennis backdrop curtains

by Clare Louise

Backdrop curtains are used in professional indoor tennis courts. The curtains not only define the playing area but also help in enhancing efficiency of players and provide privacy. The tennis backdrop curtains come with or without doors. There are a whole lot of high quality backdrop curtains for indoor tennis facilities available in the market. The curtains are customisable as per the sizes of indoor tennis courts and can also be emblazoned with the logos of the tennis facilities.

What are the benefits?

There are multiple benefits of tennis backdrop curtains. Some of them have been listed here.

  • Tracking the speeding ball becomes easier for the players. The balls moves at high speeds between the players and keeping a sharp focus on the ball becomes a tedious task. The dark blue or green or red coloured tennis backdrop curtain clearly outlines the ball for the players. This is similar to sightscreens used in cricket grounds to enable the batsman to view the ball released by the bowler. Efficient ball tracking helps in improving skills and becoming a better player.
  • The backdrop curtain separates the individual tennis courts. These way players have their own playing spaces and there is no mixing of multiple players to cause distraction. There is also no problem of misplacing the gear and equipment.
  • The curtain acts as a wall which prevents the ball from exiting the tennis court. Thus, there is no need to go looking for the ball and waste time.
  • The curtain acts as a barrier between the players and the spectators and other people in the facility. Since the playing area is enclosed by the curtain, there is no chance of people moving between courts while a practice session or match is in progress. Altogether, the players don’t lose focus in the absence of distractions.
  • Backdrop curtains with doorways allow easy access to the courts. The door is a part of the curtain itself and can also have a viewing mesh. The court number can also be written on the door.
  • The tennis court is imparted a professional appearance by the backdrop curtain. A professional look fosters the spirit of competition.

Buying Guide

These points need to be kept in mind before purchasing a backdrop curtain for an indoor tennis court.

  • Dimensions are important for tennis backdrop curtains. The court must be measured correctly and the curtain size must be in accordance with the dimensions of the court. The doorways and entryways must also be measured.
  • The material of the curtain should be resistant against fire. This is necessary to ensure that the fire standards prescribed by the authorities are met. Thus, it must be ensured that the material of the tennis backdrop curtain has fire safety rating.
  • Backdrop curtains with square corners make for good aesthetics.

Installation Guide

Some points need to be kept in mind for correctly installing tennis backdrop curtains.

  • The curtain should never be fixed to the floor because a curtain fixed to the floor tends to push the ball back with force instead of stopping it. Moreover, such a curtain will also be at risk of tearing due to impacts by the ball.
  • High tension wires must be used to hang the curtain. Otherwise, the curtain will not be held firmly in position.

The backdrop curtains can even reach the ceiling. Hence, the curtain should be lifted at least 10 feet from the ground.

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