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Rules of playing Football Game

by David Chan

The football game is quite popular all over the world as many people love to play this game. This article is very helpful for football lovers, as here they will find every single detail about this game.

The ทีเด็ดบอล is also called association football or soccer. In this game, 2 teams play against each other. Every team having 11 players, using the parts of their bodies except the hands and arms. The players of this game try to tricks the ball into the opposite team goals. In this team, only the goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball or do so hardly within the penalty locale surrounding the goal. The team having scores more goals to achieve.

This is the world’s most outstanding ball game in numbers of players and viewers. Easy in its lead’s rules and important tools, this can be played almost everywhere from the authorized football-playing areas street, school playground, beaches, parks. The players of football game-worn jerseys with serial numbers, and shorts, socks that designated the team from whom they are manipulating. In this game shoes and shin guards must be worn by every player. As people know this game performs by two teams then the team must wear a different uniform or goalkeepers must be differentiated from all players of the team and match officials.

Every game has its own rules lets discuss the football game rules:

  • The football game consists of 45 minutes halves with 15 minutes of rest in between the game. In this game, two teams are playing or having 11 players that include one goalkeeper or a minimum of 7 players are required to make up the match.
  • The area for this game must be made up of natural or artificial grass. The size of the pitch permitted to vary while must be within 100 to 130 yards long and 50 to 100 wide. The football pitch must be marked with a rectangular shape around the exterior showing out off bounds,
  • 2, 6-yard boxes, 2, 18-yard boxes, or the center circle. The football game ball must have a circumference of 58 to 61cm or a circular shape.
  • The two teams of ทีเด็ดบอล can name up to 7 substitute players. The substitution can be made up of any time during playing the game or each team being able to make a maximum of 3 substitutions per side.
  • Each team has one referee or two assistant referees.
  • This is the duty of the referee to act as the timekeeper. This team member can make any decision, which may require makingsuch foul, free kick, penalties, or added on the time end of each half.
  • The referee may talk with the assistant referees at any time during the time of playing games regarding a decision.
  • The ball must cross the line of goal for it to constitute a goal. If there is any foul committed by the players then could receive a red or yellow that depends on the severity of the foul. The yellow card is for the warning or the red is for dismissal that players. Two yellow cards equal to the one red.
  • Once the player is dismissed that cannot be replaced.

Now it will be quite easy and simple to understand the rules of the football game.

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