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The Life-Altering Bags For The Baseball Community

by Clare Louise

In the present market, the best-wheeled catchers’ bag is that of the No Errors NO E2. This bag was specially designed for avid softball and basketball catchers, who play an extra position. These players needed manufacturers to build a bag that has strong sustainability so that it can hold up to the needs of every travel ballplayer. Among multiple third party personages within the softball and baseball community, the NO E2 has often been called the best catchers bag.

What is the history behind the NO E2?

Originally, the NO E2 was created by baseball catchers to become the increase the game of catchers’ bag of baseball in the market. Before designing the bag, they looked into every aspect that will be needed by a baseball catcher in their bag and the manufacturers made it accordingly to meet the demands of the players.

What are the features of the catchers’ bag?

  1. The bag has nine pockets to accommodate an area for everything. Apart from the pockets, it has three compartments ventilated to assist both wet and dry items. The distinct features of NO E2, when compared to other catchers’ bags, are the heavy-duty clean pocket, expandable shin guard pocket, and integrated shelving system.  
  2. It has sufficient space for the essentials. The bag has enough room to keep three bats of up to 34” dimensions, along with the catchers’ helmets and necessary gear plus batting. It is due to the introduction of the catchers’ bag that one will no longer need to carry another bag for a bat or helmet.
  3. You can access any item within a few seconds. The bag makes it convenient to reach all the gears including the four hideaway hooks to let you hang the gear outside your bag.
  4. It can easily roll anywhere. The NO E2 Fat Boy wheels can move over concrete, dirt, and grass with equal ease due to their heavy-duty treads.
  5. The catchers’ bag is built especially tough for traveling. It outlasts the typical catchers’ bag because it has reinforced stitching that is built to resist tears and rips. The NO E2 bag is made of heavy-duty materials.

If you are a catcher you will know how much gear you take every time while hitting the field. Softball and baseball equipment bags usually do not have the required space to fit everything, and if they do it isn’t easy to access the essentials. Thus, NO E2 is life-changing. 

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