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Tic Tac Toe: The Game We All Love To Play

by David Chan

Each one of us has heard of 2048, isn’t it? Well, 2048 is a  game that everyone likes to play. The game is an excellent way to pass our time and keep ourselves entertained. So, let us see what 2048 is all about. You can also visit mimy to play an excellent game of 2048. 

Evolution Of 2048

2048 is one such game which is known to all of us. The game is extremely popular among both kids and adults. It was initially played on the computer, the game can also be played in smart phones also. Previously, the game had only 4×4 grids but now, you can decide your grid depending on your choice. Games with more grids have higher difficulty level. In this game, tiles having the number 2 begin to appear randomly on the different grids Your main target is to move the tiles in such a way that they do not bump into one another. This will allow you to finish the game with a smaller score and this is the main motive of the game.

History of 2048

The game of 2048 was first originated in Italy. It was first developed by an Italian developer in 2014. You had to play this game on your computer using the 4 arrow keys or the W, A, S, D keys. Today, the game is played on any kind of digital devices. The game also developed a lot of variations. It is played on 5×5, 6×6 and 8×8 grids also. Few other popular versions of the game include 2048 Animated Edition, 2048 Doggy Mode, 2048 Reverse Mode, 8402 (Beat The Computer) and many more. You can play any of these versions based on your choice.

Various advantages of playing 2048

The game has multiple advantages. It will allow you to pass your time while you are on a train or bus. The game can give your brain a really good exercise. You can also play 2048 video game with your kids. It will definitely help them to increase their concentration level and will also have a good impact on their studies. The game is also used as an educational means for children. 

This was all about 2048. If you wish to play 2048 game online, you should visit mimy and you will surely get a once in a lifetime gaming experience.

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