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Tips to choose the energy drink you need

by Clare Louise

When you exercise or involve in a hard work, your body keep losing water. However, electrolytes are also lost in sweat and must be replaced to maintain fluid balance and performance. Water was once the only fluid option for both athletes and fitness lovers. University of Florida medical researchers developed the first “sports energy drink” to aid student athletes. Sport or energy drinks have artificial flavor, electrolytes, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. They also help to boost your performance. When choosing a drink, taste is an important consideration. We will not be able to explain the nutritional content of each drink because taste is subjective. Compare drinks online by looking at calories, carbohydrate percentages and sodium/potassium percentages.

Calories –

Most energy drinks and sports drinks have between 45-160 calories per cup.

Carbohydrates –

You should consume many carbohydrates in sport/energy drinks, as they are your primary source of energy.

Sodium –

Electrolytes are vital for the proper functioning and metabolism of carbohydrates. They are also essential for keeping your body hydrated. You will need more sodium if you sweat more during exercise.

Potassium –

They are essential for the proper functioning and maintenance of your body’s water supply. Higher potassium levels are required for activity that involves sweating.

Select Your Favorite Flavor

Energy drinks are more popular than ever, so you have many options. There are many options available, including lemon-lime and fruit punch, orange, berry or citrus, as well as tropical flavors. Rehydrate, refresh, and then enjoy.

Why do you need a sports drink?

Water and energy drink consumption can vary depending on performance and training needs. You should consider the requirements of the sport, the duration, the climate, the training, equipment used and the body’s composition. Water is the best choice for most people who exercise a little because they do not lose many electrolytes. They also do not need extra energy to finish their workouts.


The amount of exercise and practice depends on the degree of the sport. However, it also depends on the weather condition. In any situation, you sweat. Athletes, who exercises hard and sweats much, consuming energy drink is a good idea to retain the lost water in the body. High sweat rate exercises refer to the extremely hard workouts. Often, you need to wear bulky protective equipment to play, baseball, hockey or football. An energy drink is beneficial if the workout or athletic event is less than an hour in duration and is of low to high intensity.

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