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Wall Climbing Options Now Available In UK!

by Clare Louise

Wall climbing is a beautiful and versatile sport. A combination of strength, technique and endurance determines how good you are as a climber. Anyone can climb, but it is helpful if you have mastered the basics of sport climbing. That is why we give you ten tips for wall London Climbing.

You do the Partner Check together for each route

The belayer checks whether the climber’s belt is properly fitted and the buckle is closed. The belayer grabs the rope and the knot checks with hands and eyes whether the climber is tied in the right place to the belt. The climber grabs the belay device and carabiner of the belayer and checks with his hands and eyes that the belay device is properly attached to the belt. The climber checks that the belayer belt is correctly positioned and that the buckle is closed;

Finally, check whether you are both attached to the same rope and whether the rope route is neat (not twisted, not behind handles). When lead climbing, also check whether the rope is long enough and whether there is a knot in the end of the rope.

Concentrate when binding

Mistakes in binding are often the result of distraction while tying to the rope or securing the belay device. Although the risk is small, the consequences are great. Concentrate while binding and don’t get distracted by what’s going on around you.

Be careful

After the Partner Check, the climber must be able to fully rely on the belayer. This requires continuous vigilance by the belayer, good control of the belay device and knowledge about (the prevention of) common mistakes when belaying. Do not release the climber until it is safely on the ground and has notified you that you can stop belaying.

Correct operation of the belay device

If you have a belay device, make sure you know how to operate it. For example, with tuberous species it is important that you keep holding the brake rope while transferring. With semi-automatic machines you can be shocked that the braking effect is canceled when you open the lever. Therefore, practice with false situations and familiarize yourself with your belay device. In case of the Climbing Wall London  process you will need this device.

Be alert at the start of the route

If your climber is still at the bottom of the route, be extra alert. When he or she falls low to the ground, there is a risk of falling to the ground or onto bystanders. Not only for lead climbing, but also for top tropics. Certainly the first 5 meters therefore tight and careful when leads climbing you try to get one step higher to hang your rope, so that you are not overstretched. Because you can fall to the ground at the bottom of the route, it is smart to adjust your body position accordingly and to land with your legs bent.

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