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What Is Paintball and How Do I Get Started?

by David Chan

Get ready to get dirty, have fun, and get a workout while working on your teamwork and sharpshooter skills. Paintball is a great sport to play with friends, family, or coworkers. You can meet new people and learn new skills while working out your body with this great team sport.

If you’ve ever wondered what paintball is and how you can start playing, you’ve come to the right place. You can begin by looking for places around town that offer paintballing as a good space for you to start playing and learning the basics in person.

What is Paintball

Paintball is like a game of laser tag where you are trying to shoot the individuals playing on the other team. The paintball gun shoots a ball of paint out and marks your opponent. Often places that offer paintball have fields or spaces outside designated for play. The game is times and you must stay within the boundaries.

It does hurt to get hit by a paintball, but it is perfectly safe, and you can reduce possible pain by wearing the proper clothing and gear to keep you safe and having fun. With paintball, you can feel like you’re in your favorite first-person shooter game in real life with your friends on the course.

Paintball Equipment

When you are getting started, you can rent a lot of the equipment needed to play. You will need a paintball marker (or paintball gun) along with the components needed to allow it to shoot paintballs, a mask, comfortable clothing to move in, protection for your neck and head like a scarf, and paintballs.

If you go to try it out, see how you like it, and then make the decision to buy. It’s a great team sport, and if you play all the time it is worth it. But if you’re more of an infrequent player you shouldn’t buy all of the equipment right away. 

Extra Tips

Different countries have different age requirements for paintball, so be sure to look that up before inviting your entire family for a game. And be sure to wear clothes you can get dirty, move in, and feel covered should you get hit. Paintball is messy and you will walk away covered in paint as well as dirt and mud depending on the weather.

If you do end up falling in love with the competitive sport of paintball, be sure you take care of your equipment properly so it can last you a long time. Don’t let cleaning your paintball gun be forgotten on your to-do list. 

Paintball For All

Paintball isn’t for everyone, just like a lot of daredevil sports like roller derby and motocross. However, it is a great way to get the blood pumping and work together as a team to win some great victories. You may not be good right away, but if you give it a try you could have a ton of fun with this team sport. 

Don’t let the fear of getting hit stop you from going out there and playing. And if you found this helpful, check us out for more great sports tips and tricks.


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