by Michael Orduna

Escape Rooms are one of the most versatile real-life games. They can serve as a perfect team-building exercise, are great educational tools for young ones, and are unparalleled in the fun they provide! 

Here, we have compiled a list of the premier escape rooms in four cities: New York, Portland, Raleigh, and San Diego so that you can have unlimited fun in the best escape rooms!

Premier escape rooms in NYC

Masquerade (Escape Room Madness)

Ludovico Manin is a wealthy and famous composer. He’s also the prime suspect in a recent, high-profile crime. 

Tonight, is his annual Masquerade Ball. This can be your best chance to look for evidence against him. 

Disguised as guests, you must infiltrate the ball, find proof of Manin’s guilt, and leave without being detected. 

This thrilling escape room in New York City will show you first-hand the dark side of luxury and wealth!

Best escape rooms in Portland

Ritual Room (Escapism Portland)

A sudden uneasy feeling awakes you, and as you open your eyes, you realize that you’re in a strange room! You don’t know how you got here, but you are not alone. 

You are informed that you’re in the headquarters of the Vox Area Society! You have been hand-picked by the members of the society as possible candidates who will be given an opportunity to join the organization. 

But you must prove yourself to be worthy and get yourself admitted to the inner sanctum. If you fail, you know too much about the society for them to let you walk away. 

This creepy escape room in Portland is guaranteed to terrify you, even if it has no jump scares!

Top escape rooms in Raleigh 

Mission Critical(Conundrum Escapes)

USS Falcon, the intergalactic transport, has been attacked by the enemy forces. As a result, the Self Destruct Command sequence began. 

The crew made a rash decision, and now thousands of lives are endangered. They sabotaged the systems and abandoned the ship after activating the self-destruct countdown. 

Just amidst the havoc when everything seemed scattered, your team came to the rescue. You pushed back the enemy forces, but now you must fix the systems and deactivate the self-destruct before the USS Falcon, and all the people aboard are annihilated! 

Step into the shoes of a special task force team and save the people onboard the USS Falcon in this Raleigh escape room!

Epic escape rooms in San Diego

The Informant (The Unlockables)

Illegal land deals, environmental leaders being kidnapped, and death threats are rampant, and you can’t seem to find the person responsible. 

Now, one of your informants has turned up dead! You and your team are determined to find the person behind all of these sinister incidents.

When your team was working on the case, one of your member has gone missing! You must break into Liberty Capital Group’s main office and look for any possible clues that could lead you to the missing agent. 

Avenge your missing fellow agent and try to capture a notorious criminal in this thrilling escape room in San Diego.

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