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Why Is It Difficult To Travel With An Electric Skateboard?

by Clare Louise

Everyone likes to visit new places and explore new countries or cities. You can use a skateboard to roam around the city. It is a fun, least stressful, and immersive mode of traveling on the streets. Using the best electric skateboard will make you immediately connect to the culture and people around you while roaming around the city. You will not have panes of glass from car windows isolating you from the outside world and people.

You don’t have to follow a set route to visit preset destinations that are the tourist traps. You have to step off your skateboard when you spot a crowd of locals at a bistro when you see a coffee shop, a confining bustling market while riding it by a corner alley. You have the opportunity to enjoy skateboarding along with exploring the place both at the same time. Anyone who wants to tour beyond the confines of the hotel room finds an electric skateboard a perfect essential for travel.

Transportation is something keeping people awake before they hit the airport. You have to think about the logistics. You may decide to use uber, but it is an expensive option, especially when you plan to spend some time at one place.

You can navigate your way with an off-road electric skateboard. If you want to have one, go online. A wide range of e-skateboards is available on sites like MAXFIND. You can also check out the promotions going on the site to get the best deal. MAXFIND wishes to make commuting fun and easy for people. However, traveling with an electric skateboard is not an easy thing.

You have to consider a lot of things. Let’s see why it is a difficult task and some helpful tips to travel with a skateboard without much hassle.

Why is it difficult to travel with an e-skateboard?

Many countries have restrictions for traveling with a normal skateboard, let alone an e-skateboard. Airlines have their rules when it comes to luggage. The problem lies with the battery of the skateboard then the caring for the skateboard. You should know about the restrictions and plans regarding carrying skateboards before booking your tickets.

Tips to help

The most crucial tip in this context is to contact your airlines regarding battery restrictions. Some airlines are more lenient about domestic flights compared to international flights. On the other hand, before you travel, knowing about the limitations airlines have for skateboard is always a better idea. Some airlines permit passengers to carry an e-skateboard with a battery power of less than 160Wh.

It means you can carry an electric skateboard with a battery capacity between 100Wh and 160Wh. However, you must call them for permission as they still have the right to restrict you from carrying your skateboard onboard.

Also, consider about –

  • Whether you want to carry it on or check it in
  • Where you are going to place it
  • Whether you can go with a mini-board or the regular one

You can also explore Pinterest to get more ideas regarding electric skateboards.

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